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Answers to frequently asked questions about translation services.

Professional translation services open doors to a broader audience, capturing more readers and viewers, ultimately leading to increased clients and project success. Viewing translation through this lens provides a holistic understanding of its significance.

Whether it's large-scale business reports or engaging marketing emails, ensuring your message resonates effectively is paramount. Expert linguists play a crucial role in conveying your unique, compelling points precisely to your target audience, regardless of their size.

At Littera24, we deliver translation services through seasoned, native, and certified language experts to clients worldwide. With proficiency in over 100 languages and adeptness in various document types, file formats, and fields of expertise, we cater to diverse needs. Additionally, our services extend beyond translation to include subtitling, transcreation, and desktop publishing (DTP).

Whether you're aiming to distribute a multilingual brochure, navigate through contract translations involving multiple parties, or craft user manuals tailored for international markets, Littera24 stands ready to support your objectives.

Our dedicated team of professional translators, each specializing in their respective fields, ensures precise and top-notch translations that align with your requirements and timelines. Trust Littera24 to deliver accuracy and quality, every step of the way.

At Littera24, our linguists are meticulously selected based on their extensive experience across various market sectors to deliver the best translation and other language services, ensuring customer satisfaction.

We continuously refine our processes and methodologies to offer dependable access to translation and interpreting solutions precisely when our clients require them. Clients rely on our services to facilitate seamless interactions with foreign counterparts and to broaden their presence in global markets.

Furthermore, our translators leverage translation aids and memory tools, complemented by terminology banks and reference materials, to maintain consistency with our client's documents. Various factors contribute to the pricing of our translation services, including the duration of our collaboration with clients, enabling translators to identify previously translated passages and repetitions efficiently.

Since 2010, Littera24 has been at the forefront of breaking down language barriers for businesses, empowering them to communicate effectively with customers, employees, and partners, thus expanding their international reach. Fluent communication in the language of clients and partners, coupled with an understanding of cultural nuances, significantly enhances business interactions.

Countless medical, governmental, and commercial organizations have entrusted Littera24 as their language partner, benefiting from our professional and cost-effective language services.

The time required for translation depends on several factors, including text length and complexity. Simple translations can take a day, but complex projects can take several days or even weeks.

We will send you a more precise answer about the time required for the translation of your project by filling out an application online, by e-mail or by calling.

Prices are determined by the type of translation services, language, text length, and complexity. Costs can be calculated by the number of words or signs, the hourly rate or the total amount of the project.

In most cases, we state a price based on the number of words in the text.

A translator is a professional with appropriate knowledge of a foreign language who performs translation work on his own. A machine translator is a computer program (such as Google Translate) that would automatically translate text from one language to another. Using programs can be helpful to gain a general understanding of the text. It is not enough if a professional and high-quality translation is needed.

Accurate use of terminology is essential to any translator's work. We select individually for each project only professional linguists and translators with relevant experience or in-depth knowledge in a specific industry.

Established in December 2010, Littera24 began as a translation service provider and gradually expanded its offerings to include localization, transcription, subtitling, and multilingual content creation.

Operating from our headquarters in Wilmington, USA and our offices in Europe, in Riga, Latvia, with additional representations in Tallinn, Estonia, we have established a global presence.

At Littera24, we exclusively collaborate with native professional linguists who possess expertise in specific fields of knowledge, and specialized terminology. We understand the critical importance of seamlessly conveying your ideas across languages, and we ensure meticulous translation and localization to accurately capture your message.

Littera24 partners with over 2,000 native translators spanning 80+ languages and countries worldwide. No project is too large or deadline too tight for us to handle. As a leading translation agency with branches in the United States and the Baltic states, Latvia and Estonia, Littera24 holds official accreditation.

We collaborate with native expert translators globally to ensure unparalleled quality in every translation project. Our translators not only possess linguistic proficiency but also exhibit expert knowledge in their respective fields, giving them a competitive advantage.

Each translator is meticulously selected, guaranteeing top-tier quality and adherence to industry standards. Our vast experience and consultative approach distinguish us from other translation service providers. From day one, we've served companies of all sizes across various sectors, including legal, medical, marketing, and financial industries.

Whether you need a simple text translated, a complex multi-platform localization strategy, multilingual email management solutions, document translation or assistance with email correspondence, our team ensures timely completion of your projects.

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