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Technical document translation is mainly montage, building, repair equipment instructions, translations of material and catalogue equipment, translations of other technical and scientific documents.

When providing this service, we offer accuracy 1:1, while maintaining the original size, illustrations, formula, and drawings. Please note that these translation services with DTP (Desctop Publishing Services) are only on request, and the translation and layout creation require additional time.

We Specialise in Technical Fields

This a list of the technical fields we provide translation services:

  • Automotive
  • Biotechnology/Pharmacy
  • Chemistry
  • Electronics
  • Electrical engineering
  • Physics
  • Material science engineering
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Medical engineering
  • Telecommunications

In Which Cases Technical Translation is Required?

Technical translations are most often used for processing:

  • Scientific articles (engineering, medical, technical)
  • Equipment instructions, manuals
  • Construction and repair documentation
  • Technical manual translation (translation of user manuals)
  • Catalogues, compositions of materials
  • Technical patent translation
  • Technical-scientific work translation
  • Any other technical document translation
technical manual translation

When dealing with texts in which there are many abbreviations and acronyms, or in the case of special requests, we suggest compiling a glossary before the beginning of the technical translation work in order to decode such terms.

For texts with a large number of abbreviations, or in the case of specific requirements for their translation, we recommend making a glossary before starting work, in most cases, it is possible to use a glossary provided by the customer before starting work.

Scientific and technical translation is not an easy task. Typically, texts of this content abound in terms, patterns, abbreviations. In order for the processed material to fully correspond to the source, the technical translator must not only know the terminology well but also be well versed in the topic. Understanding this, we select the right specialists, taking into account the specifics of your project.

If there are especially many terms, we create glossaries before performing technical translations. We can also work on the glossary provided by you. If necessary, together with the text we transfer images, drawings, schemes with their language adaptation 1: 1 to paper.

What is Important in Technical Document Translation?

When solving the task, it is important not just word for word to complete the technical translation, but to convey the meaning as accurately as possible. It is also necessary to take into account the peculiarities of terminology and metric systems in different countries.

Entrusting a translation to a freelance linguist is unacceptable – there is a high probability of incorrect interpretation of information and the occurrence of errors. Such work must be done by technical professionals!

Technical Translators

The right choice to assign technical language translation with Littera24 language specialists. Localization managers can make a universal technical translation or to your unique needs. Technical translation will be localized to your needs and country preferences.

All translation details are discussed with translation project managers. Littera24 technical English translators are tested, have linguistic education or relevant translation experience. 

5 Reasons to Order Services at the Littera24 Technical Translation Company

The main arguments in favour of working with us:

  1. A wide selection of languages. We translate texts into more than 80 languages ​​of the world.
  2. A large translation team. Our team consists of over 200 specialists of various qualifications. This allows us to select translators who are well versed in the subject matter of your texts.
  3. High-quality technical translation of the text. Before to begin, we create a glossary specifically for your project. After the translation is completed, we carry out editing and proofreading. As a result, you get the target document that accurately reflects the content of the source.
  4. Additional services. In addition to the translation, we can also keep and adapt schemes, tables, drawings, and images.
  5. A reasonable price of technical translation. You can see the basic prices for services on Prices. The final price will be calculated for you by our manager after evaluating your project.

Do you need a technical translation to English, Chinese, German, French, Russian or other languages? Then write to us by e-mail, fill out an online application or call the Literra24 agency today!


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