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Business globalization and localization became easier and more professional in the modern world

Localization: What is it and why is it needed?


Localization is the process of adapting a translation to the culture of a certain country, and, specifically, the translation of websites, software, games, user interfaces, documents and service files. For example, the localization of games is distinguished by a deeper and more time-consuming work, which includes the translation of the text, audio and video files.

Most of our popular website localization services are provided for the most popular website builders like WordPress, Magento, Joomla, Woocommerce and others.

Littera24 has modern localization tools to save money and cut some translation costs. Our localization prices are low compared to other European localization companies thanks to our powerful team of managers, linguists and translators.

Website SEO and keywords importance

The first part of SEO. Our team will be able to help with SEO services, correctly translate your keywords and, accordingly, enter the market of other countries. The SEO of the website has an important meaning and Google ranks sites in the SERP by them. Please remember that a good and readable website has to be translated by a human to get a good rank.

An additional part of SEO. We can also check the technical part of the CEO. Descriptions, meta tags, content and other important things for Google at your request.

Multilingual website localization: features

Having a local version of the website or software is a prerequisite for successful operation in the global or local market. Top-quality and timely translation localization will multiply the revenue from the funds invested in the localization process.

However, it can only be implemented by experienced professionals in the field (translators, editors, engineers, layout designers). In addition to the standard website translation into Russian, German, French, Spanish  or other languages, the procedure includes a number of additional actions related to cultural and technical adaptation:

  1. Modification of date and time parameters, fractional numbers
  2. Switching to the international system of currency and phone codes
  3. Careful selection of lists alphabetically
  4. Registration of the properties of national legislation (data of legal entities in a particular country, number of characters in the index)
  5. Precise distribution and formation of interface components
  6. Combination of words and phrases
  7. Analysis of national mentality, character, study of the specifics of the humour of a particular country (when localizing a computer game)
  8. Creating graphics taking into account the habits and customs of the country

How does the website localization process perform?

As a rule, this process takes place in close collaboration with programmers or managers of the customer. Our translators can work with different types of files such as JSON, XML, Markdown, HTML, YAML, PO, XLIFF, properties, .resx, .csv and others.

We can localize all software and website elements, content texts, lines, tags, dialogues and icons. We can even create localized versions of the website without requiring access to the source text files or the website backend.

Localization stages of the website

  1. Study of the technical original. The possible difficulties and problems that may arise during the work are analyzed.
  2. Translation and its adaptation. At this stage, glossaries are compiled, the text is exported, the interface and service notices are translated.
  3. Testing and tuning. Translators and technicians interact directly to regulate and check website localization.
  4. Localization. Creation of screenshots from the localized website and introducing them into the translation documentation files.
  5. Delivery of the project.

The difference between translation and localization

Localization is first of all:

  1. Translation and adaptation of the content to the culture and characteristics of the country
  2. Adaptation to regional characteristics
  3. Suitable for very emotional content
  4. Considers cultural and functional requirements

What may require localization:

Our translation agency Littera24 monitors the quality of work at each stage, including automatic checks, because as professionals we know the devil is in the details. We will meet the quality standards of even the most demanding customers to perform fast and accurate website localization services! We guarantee a quality result!

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