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Welcome to Latvian Translation Services, your gateway to the world of Latvian language. Our expert Latvian translators break down language barriers for businesses and individuals.

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Elevate your global communication with our Latvian translation services. Our expert team ensures accurate Latvian translations, providing a seamless bridge between languages and cultures. Trust us to convey your message effectively, breaking language barriers and connecting you with a world of possibilities.


Why Choose Our Latvian Translation Services?

Experience and Expertise

With years of experience in the field, we have a deep understanding of the Latvian language and culture, making us your ideal translation partner.


Timely Delivery

We understand the importance of deadlines. Our team works efficiently to ensure your translations are delivered on time, every time.


Fast Turnaround Time

We understand that time is of the essence, and delays in translation can hinder your business operations. Our efficient workflow and dedicated team ensure that you receive your translated documents promptly without compromising on quality.


Legal Translation Services

Legal documents often require an extra level of attention to detail. Our legal translation experts are well-versed in legal terminologies and understand the nuances of legal systems in both Latvian and English-speaking countries. Your legal documents will be handled with utmost confidentiality and accuracy.


Medical Translation Services

When it comes to medical documents, precision and clarity are crucial. Our team includes experienced medical translators who understand the importance of accurate medical terminology translation. Rest assured that your medical documents will be in safe hands with our professionals.


Competitive Pricing

Our services are designed to be cost-effective and transparent, providing you with excellent value for your investment. Get high-quality translations without breaking the bank!



Our Latvian Translation Company Provides


Our team consists of native Latvian speakers who are also fluent in English, ensuring that your translations are not only linguistically accurate but culturally sensitive. Here's how our services can benefit you:

Our translators meticulously translate your documents, websites, or marketing materials, capturing the nuances of the Latvian language to convey your message accurately.

We go beyond mere translation. We ensure your content resonates with Latvian culture, making it more relatable to your target audience.

From legal documents to medical trials, we have expertise across various industries, ensuring that your translations are accurate and contextually relevant.

From legal contracts to academic papers, our precise document translations ensure your content is conveyed accurately and professionally.

Navigate the legal landscape confidently with our accurate legal translations of contracts, patents, and other legal documents.

For specialized fields such as medicine and technology, our translators have the expertise to ensure precise and contextually relevant translations.

Expand your online presence into Latvian-speaking markets with our website localization services. We adapt your website to resonate with the local culture and language.

Make a lasting impression on Icelandic-speaking audiences through expertly translated marketing materials, brochures, and advertising content.

Enhance your multimedia content with our subtitling and transcription services, making your videos and audio accessible to Latvian speakers.


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Very Good Service

I am a regular customer because Littera24 has respected the quality of their work and excellent service. I highly recommend them to everyone!

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Choose our Latvian Translation Services to experience the beauty of this unique language and culture without the hindrance of language barriers. Start your Latvian journey with us today!

Latvia, a member of the European Union, offers a strategic location for businesses aiming to expand their operations into Europe. By availing of Latvian translation services, companies gain access to a population of over 1.9 million people, including both Latvian and Russian speakers. With the expertise of professional translators, businesses can tap into this market and seize opportunities for growth and increased revenue.

Latvia is a small country and many do not know where is Latvia. Latvia is located in Northern Europe on the shores of the Baltic Sea. The capital of Latvia is Riga. The largest Latvian-speaking communities outside Latvia are in the United Kingdom, the United States, Ireland, Australia, Germany, Sweden, Canada, and the Russian Federation. Latvian belongs to the Baltic language group of the Indo-European language family.

For example, Russian is the second most widely spoken language in Latvia; it is spoken by about 1/2 of the population of Latvia. This is due to the fact that Latvia was part of the Soviet Union. The ISO language code is LV. The Latvian flag is carmine red with a white horizontal stripe. Read more about Latvia and Latvians. 

A Bit of History

The origins of written and literary language can be traced back to the 16th century when the first books in Latvian were published. It is reported that the first book was published in 1525 however it has not been found.

In the 17th century there were major terminology problems while describing nature, and mechanics, because, apart from religion, terms in other fields were not developed yet. In the 19th century, the first novels were written in Latvian. In 1940, following the incorporation of the Republic of Latvia into the Soviet Union, the preconditions for the linguistic assimilation of the peoples of Latvia were rapidly developing.

The status of the official language disappeared, and the significance of the Latvian language was narrowed down. On 6 October 1988, a decision was made to grant Latvian the status of an official language. In addition, the State Language Law was adopted in 1999 and currently is in force. Today, the language is used in all areas of life.

The Latvian alphabet.

The alphabet is Latin. It has a total of 33 letters.

Aa, Āā, Bb, Cc, Čč, Dd, Ee, Ēē, Ff, Gg, Ģģ, Hh, Ii, Īī, Jj, Kk, Ķķ, Ll, Ļļ, Mm, Nn, Ņņ, Oo, Pp, Rr, Ss, Šš, Tt, Uu, Ūū, Vv, Zz, Žž.

Latvia boasts a calendar filled with vibrant and culturally significant holidays. Here are some notable ones:

Midsummer's Night (Jāņi):

Celebrated around June 23rd, Jāņi marks the summer solstice. Latvians engage in festive activities, including bonfires, traditional folk songs, and the weaving of flower crowns.

Independence Day (Latvijas Republikas proklamēšanas diena):

Celebrated on November 18th, this day commemorates the proclamation of the Republic of Latvia in 1918. Festivities include parades, concerts, and patriotic events.

Līgo Day and Jāņi Night:

Associated with Midsummer's Night, Līgo and Jāņi are traditional celebrations marked by folk songs, dancing, and the weaving of wreaths. It's a time for joyous gatherings and embracing Latvia's rich cultural heritage.

Christmas (Ziemassvētki):

Christmas in Latvia is a festive season filled with traditional foods like gingerbread and peas, along with the decoration of Christmas trees. Families come together for a celebratory meal on Christmas Eve.

Easter (Lieldienas):

Latvian Easter traditions include the painting of eggs, with the colours and patterns holding symbolic meanings. Families attend church services, and Easter Sunday is often marked by festive meals.

National Flag Day (Valsts karoga diena):

Celebrated on June 4th, this day is dedicated to the Latvian national flag. Festivities include raising the flag, patriotic events, and cultural activities.

These holidays reflect Latvia's deep-rooted cultural traditions and offer opportunities for both locals and visitors to experience the unique and festive spirit of the country.

If you need a translation from English to Latvian then you are in the right place. Quality Latvian translation services by Littera24 are always a fast and efficient way to get professional translations. Online translation services are provided from Latvian to English and English to Latvian only by language experts. Moreover, every professional Latvian translation goes through three stages: translation, editing and proofreading. 

The service is used to translate the following primary source materials:

  • private documents: passports, birth certificates, drivers' licenses, marriage certificates
  • scientific research works
  • literary works and their reviews
  • written and online correspondence
  • legal documents: court decisions power of attorney, legal agreements
  • large translation projects.

In an interconnected world where information knows no borders, Littera24 is the bridge that connects people and cultures. From legal document translation to medical translation, pharmaceutical translation, marketing materials, and technical manuals to literary masterpieces, we seamlessly traverse any Latvian linguistic projects, ensuring that your message retains its integrity and resonates with your audience, no matter where you are in the world.

We specialize in:

As businesses continue to expand globally, effective communication through professional translation services becomes indispensable. Littera24, a trusted Latvian translation agency, offers accurate, culturally relevant, and industry-specific translations that help businesses unlock new markets and connect with Latvian-speaking audiences worldwide. Whether you’re looking to expand your business reach or establish relationships with the Latvian community, investing in professional Latvian translation services is a valuable step toward success.

In fact, English to Latvian translation is in high demand among ordinary people who plan tourist trips or want to get to know Latvia’s cultural heritage. Often translation of legal, technical, literature, translation of scientific materials, information leaflets, architectural monument descriptions, and medical references are ordered.

Additionally, it is a topical service for both business and personal needs. Littera24 offers only quality English to Latvian translation, DPD (layout formatting) services and other language services. For instance, you can also translate any document format: .doc, .pdf, .jpg, and others.

Latvian Language Services with 100% Quality

At Littera24 you can not only translate a website or document from English to Latvian, German to Latvian, or any other language. You can also certify the translation by ordering notarization or legalising documents with an Apostille.

Our Latvian linguists are mostly certified Latvian translators, we have more than 40 Latvian translators that are based in Latvia.

  • Hi in Latvian– Sveiks!
  • Good morning in Latvian – Labrīt!
  • Good evening in Latvian – Labvakar!
  • Yes in Latvian– Jā
  • No in Latvian– Nē
  • Thank you in Latvian! – Paldies!
  • Sorry in Latvian … – Atvainojiet…
  • I don’t speak Latvian – Es nerunāju latviski.

Professional Latvian translators are available at the Littera24 translation agency. In fact, we do employ only experienced and native Latvian linguists with extensive experience in Latvian translation work of at least 3 years. 

In accordance with the translation testing and evaluation system of Littera24 all Latvian translators are tested, and have appropriate education, experience, and checked references. The main criteria for selecting Latvian translators for translation into Latvian is that they must be native speakers of the Latvian language.

Every client can translate a document into Latvian from a foreign language extremely easily, he just needs to contact the Latvian language specialists of Littera24. The best Latvian translators and proofreaders will be selected for your Latvian translation order.

  1. Unparalleled Accuracy and Quality. Littera24, a leading translation agency based in Latvia, is renowned for its commitment to delivering accurate and high-quality translations. With a team of native-speaking translators, Littera24 ensures that every translated document captures the essence of the source material while adhering to industry-specific terminology and nuances.
  2. Industry Expertise. Littera24's translation services cover a wide range of industries, including but not limited to technology, legal, medical, marketing, and e-commerce. The team of experienced Latvian translators possesses deep knowledge in various sectors, guaranteeing precise translations that convey the intended message effectively. This industry-specific expertise is invaluable in ensuring that translated content resonates with the target audience.
  3. Great Experience. Since the head office of the Littera24 translation agency is located in Latvia, Littera24 can offer expert Latvian translation services at competitive prices.
  4. Wide of Services. Littera24 is a Latvian translation agency that provides document translation services from English into Latvian, but also vice versa and in other language combinations such as French, German, Italian, Chineseand more than 80 world languages. Littera24 translation agency selects a suitable and professional Latvian translator based on the content of the source material and the final target language.
  5. Latvian Native Translators. When executing an order of Latvian translation services, when Latvian is the target language, the translation is performed by Latvian translators and native speakers. All Latvian translators are tested, have appropriate education, experience, and checked references.
  6. Modern Technologies. Professional Latvian translators use modern translators’ tools and new technologies to preserve the same terminology throughout the translation project and provide a professional result. To exclude all kinds of errors and inaccuracies professional Latvian editor reads the translation after it is finished.

It is much more profitable to translate into Latvian with a translation company that is based in Latvia compared to other countries. Our Latvian translation rates are much cheaper because we have Latvian in-house specialists. 

You can look at the costs of Latvian translation services in the Translation prices or ask our manager. However, the final translation costs are calculated individually after evaluating the materials provided.

You can look at the prices for translation services in Translation prices. However, the final translation costs are calculated individually after evaluating the materials offered.

The best quality of English to Latvian translation or 80+ languages is guaranteed. If you wish to translate from English to Latvian, please fill in the online form provided on the website or call Littera24 today! 

We guarantee the complete confidentiality of your documents because we work with our translators and other suppliers under NDA agreements (non-disclosure). Clients are safe with us.

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