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To translate from English to Latvian - When is it Needed?

If you need a translation from English to Latvian then you are in the right place. Quality Latvian translation services by Littera24 are always a fast and efficient way to get professional translations. Moreover, every professional Latvian translation goes through three stages: translation, editing and proofreading. 

The service is used to translate the following primary source materials:

  • private documents: passports, birth certificates, drivers’ licenses, marriage certificates;
  • scientific research works;
  • literary works and their reviews;
  • written and online correspondence;
  • legal documents: court decisions, power of attorney, legal agreements;
  • large translation projects.

Latvian language - facts

It is the mother tongue of about 1.7 million people in Latvia, where it is the only official language. Latvia is a small country and many do not know where is Latvia. Latvia is located in Northern Europe on the shores of the Baltic Sea. The capital of Latvia is Riga.

The largest Latvian-speaking communities outside Latvia are in the United Kingdom, the United States, Ireland, Australia, Germany, Sweden, Canada, and the Russian Federation. Latvian belongs to the Baltic language group of the Indo-European language family. 

For example, Russian is the second most widely spoken language in Latvia; it is spoken by about 1/2 of the population of Latvia. This is due to the fact that Latvia was part of the Soviet Union. The ISO language code is LV. The Latvian flag is carmine red with a white horizontal stripe.


Professional Latvian Translation Services - Why Us?

We want to tell you about a few important points that will convince you that you need to order a professional Latvian translation from our translation agency. 

  1. Littera24 is a Latvian language service provider since 2010, which is offering professional and high-quality Latvian translation services. Since the head office of the Littera24 translation agency is located in Latvia, Littera24 can offer expert translation services into Latvian at low prices.
  2. Littera24 is a Latvian translation agency that provides document translation services from English into Latvian, but also vice versa and in other language combinations such as French, German, Italian, Chineseand more than 80 world languages. Littera24 translation agency selects a suitable and professional Latvian translator based on the content of the source material and the final target language.
  3. When executing an order of Latvian translation services, when Latvian is the target language, the translation is performed by Latvian translators and native speakers. All Latvian translators are tested, have appropriate education, experience, and checked references.
  4. Professional Latvian translators use modern translators’ tools and new technologies to preserve the same terminology throughout the translation project and provide a professional result. To exclude all kinds of errors and inaccuracies professional Latvian editor reads the translation after it is finished.

Certified Latvian Translation & Notarized Latvian Translation

translation agency

At Littera24 you can not only translate a website or document from English to Latvian, German to Latvian, or any other language. You can also certify the translation by ordering notarization or legalising documents with an Apostille.

Our Latvian linguists are mostly certified Latvian translators, we have more than 40 Latvian translators that are based in Latvia.

Why Littera24 Latvian Translators?

Professional Latvian translators are available at the Littera24 translation agency. In fact, we do employ only experienced and native Latvian linguists with extensive experience in Latvian translation work of at least 3 years.

In accordance with the translation testing and evaluation system of Littera24 all Latvian translators are tested, and have appropriate education, experience, and checked references. The main criteria for selecting Latvian translators for translation into Latvian is that they must be native speakers of the Latvian language.

Every client can translate a document into Latvian from a foreign language extremely easy, he just needs to contact the Latvian language specialists of Littera24. The best Latvian translators and proofreaders will be selected for your Latvian translation order.


Latvian Translation Areas

In fact, English to Latvian translation is in high demand among ordinary people who plan tourist trips or want to get to know Latvia’s cultural heritage. Often translation of legal, technical, literature, translation of scientific materials, information leaflets, architectural monument descriptions, and medical references are ordered.

Additionally, it is a topical service for both business and personal needs. Littera24 offers only quality English to Latvian translation, DPD (layout formatting) services and other language services. For instance, you can also translate any document format: .doc, .pdf, .jpg, and others. 

We specialize in:

Online Translation Services from Latvian to English

Experienced English to Latvian translators can help if a client needs a translation from English into Latvian or from Latvian into English. In addition, Latvian-German translation is the second most common translation service in our translation company. Littera24 will also help you translate any complex text from/into Latvian in the office or online.

Use the Littera24 online order form at any time and place to translate from English to Latvian. We do offer website translation and localization, subtitles, voice-over services, dubbing of TV programs, or any commercials into Latvian. 

If you do not want to receive a translation with Latvian errors, you should contact Latvian translation specialists. 

Latvian Language Services with 100% Quality

The Latvian Alphabet

latvian alphabet

The alphabet is Latin. It has a total of 33 letters.

Aa, Āā, Bb, Cc, Čč, Dd, Ee, Ēē, Ff, Gg, Ģģ, Hh, Ii, Īī, Jj, Kk, Ķķ, Ll, Ļļ, Mm, Nn, Ņņ, Oo, Pp, Rr, Ss, Šš, Tt, Uu, Ūū, Vv, Zz, Žž.

Writing Examples in Latvian

  • Hi in Latvian– Sveiks!
  • Good morning in Latvian – Labrīt!
  • Good evening in Latvian – Labvakar!
  • Yes in Latvian– Jā
  • No in Latvian– Nē
  • Thank you in Latvian! – Paldies!
  • Sorry in Latvian … – Atvainojiet…
  • I don’t speak Latvian – Es nerunāju latviski.

A Bit of History

The origins of written and literary language can be traced back to the 16th century when the first books in Latvian were published. It is reported that the first book was published in 1525 however it has not been found.

In the 17th century there were major terminology problems while describing nature, and mechanics, because, apart from religion, terms in other fields were not developed yet. In the 19th century, the first novels were written in Latvian. In 1940, following the incorporation of the Republic of Latvia into the Soviet Union, the preconditions for the linguistic assimilation of the peoples of Latvia were rapidly developing.

The status of the official language disappeared, and the significance of the Latvian language was narrowed down. On 6 October 1988, a decision was made to grant Latvian the status of an official language. In addition, the State Language Law was adopted in 1999 which currently is in force. Today, the language is used in all areas of life.

It is spoken by about 2 million people in the world. 


Latvian Translation Costs

It is much more profitable to translate into Latvian with a translation agency in Latvia compared to other countries. Our Latvian translation rates are much cheaper because we have Latvian in-house specialists. 

You can look at the costs of Latvian translation services in the Translation prices or ask our manager. However, the final translation costs are calculated individually after evaluating the materials provided.

Most Requested Latvian Translations

  • English – Latvian
  • Norwegian – Latvian
  • Swedish – Latvian
  • German – Latvian
  • French – Latvian
  • Czech – Latvian
  • Lithuanian – Latvian
  • French – Latvian
  • Russian– Latvian
  • Danish – Latvian
  • Estonian – Latvian
  • Finnish – Latvian
  • Arabic – Latvian

Translation Confidentiality

We guarantee full confidentiality of your documents because we work under NDA agreements (non-disclosure) with our translators and other suppliers. Clients are safe with us.

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