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What is certified document translation?

For what purposes to order certified translation services? For example, if a document translation needs to be presented to state institutions, most likely that you also need notarization service and/or Apostille (document legalization).

Certified Translation

A document is certified by a certificate of authenticity and correctness, which contains information about the translation document, language, the name of the translator (or the name of the translation agency Littera24), as well as the signature, seal, and date. (Certificate of Translation Accuracy).

The certified translation will contain a certificate of correct and accurate translation. And this is an important condition when concluding business transactions, signing international treaties, and solving migration issues … If the translation is certified by one member of the EU, the certified translation is accepted in all EU countries.

Notarized Translation

It is the same certified translation with one additional service. The notarized translation gains legal force with the signature and seal of a notary. The notary certifies a signature of the known and professional translator, but not the translation as the document.

In other words, a translation of a document with notarization has a complex of two services. The first is directly translating information from the original into the language you need, the translator’s certification.

The second stage is confirmation of the translation of the translator’s signature by a notary public.

Certified Translation Services

There are many cases when certified translation services are required:

Private Documents

We specialize in private translation services as a passport, birth certificate, marriage certificate, driving licence, extract, CV/resume, thesis, testament and etc.

Health Insurance Documents

We can provide document translation services for your references, epicrises, medical history extracts, records, findings, medical results, manuals, descriptions.

Car Insurance Documents

We can provide document translation services for your car insurance documents, driving licence, vehicle registration document, power of attorney and etc.

Finance Documents

Travel Documents

We can provide document translation services for your driving license, passport, travel visa, travel insurance certificate, travel itinerary, COVID-19 travel documents.

Life Insurance Documents

We can provide document translation services for your death certificate, treating doctor’s statement, medical records, doctor’s report, policy document, agreement, contract.

When is needed a notarized document?

For what purposes to order certified translation services? For example, if a document translation needs to be presented to state institutions, most likely that you also need notarization service and/or Apostille (document legalization).

When notarized translation services are required:

  • registration of inheritance abroad
  • presentation of documents in state institutions
  • the conclusion of international business contracts
  • opening an enterprise abroad
  • getting education abroad
  • getting a loan or opening a bank account in another country, etc.

Documents can be certified or notarized

  • passport and ID cards
  • birth certificate
  • diploma
  • certificate of marriage or divorce
  • driving license
  • hospital discharge or sick leave
  • power of attorney or certificate
  • bank statement
  • utility bills
  • design and other corporate documentation

How to certify documents?

There are options for a certified translation:

  • Certification of the original document. A translation is certified by a certified translator and is sewn to your original document. A notary certifies the translator’s signature. Read more in this article when is needed Apostille and legalization services.
  • Certification to a copy. A copy of the original document is translated by the translator into the appropriate language. The copy is copied from the original document. After that, the copy together with the translation is certified by a notary, but only, if the original document is submitted. A client gets a certified copy and a certified translation by a notary.
  • Certification to an uncertified copy. If it is not possible to issue the original document, the translation agency Littera24 can certify or notarize the translation to the uncertified copy.
  • Translation company certification (Certificate of Translation Accuracy). A translation is certified by a certified translator and is sewn to your original document or a copy. The translator certifies the translation with his signature and the Littera24 company’s stamp. The certificate can be issued in different languages: English, Russian, Spanish, German, French, Swedish and others.

Certified Translation Samples

A digital copy of your document translation will be sent as a PDF, we will keep the similar format of your source document, but we do not guarantee 100% identity.

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We accept all document formats as PDF, JPG or others.

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Most frequent questions and answers

You can certify a document with a translation company stamp or notary. There are some documents (for internal use) that need to be certified, but not fully. This means that it is not obligatory to certify a translation by a notary.

Almost all state authorities accept translations with certifications by a translation company or notary. In addition, we recommend to clarify what kind of certification is required in the relevant authority.

This depends on the volume and number of documents. If a document consists of 1-3 sheets, you can receive a notarized translation within 1 working day, if the document consists of 3-6 sheets within 2-3 working days, but if a translation is needed to be ready early, the term can be agreed individually.

On average a standard A4 sheet consists of 250 words. You can easily count characters or words in a Word document by choosing Tools -> Word Count or Statistics and Characters with spaces/words.

In Prices on our website, you can see the base price list for certified translation services. However, the cost is always calculated on an individual basis, it depends on the number of documents, urgency.

The final price for certified document translation services with a Certificate of Accuracy or notarized translation services will be reported to you by our manager after receiving the originals and carefully studying them.

When translating documents into other languages, it is very important to perform it 100% correctly. Just one mistake (an incorrect character or even an inappropriate punctuation mark) – and the document loses its legal force since it can no longer be considered a true copy of the original.

Therefore, to solve this problem, we recommend that you contact only a specialized translation agency with a notary public. We can help during the process!

As well we guarantee full confidentiality of your issued documents because we work under NDA agreements (non-disclosure) with our professional translators and other suppliers. Clients are safe with us.

To order a translation into another language and its notarization, you just need to take a few simple steps:

  1. Submit an application to our agency online or by phone.
  2. Discuss with the manager all the details of the project.
  3. Provide original documents.
  4. Get certified translations and verify their authenticity.
  5. Note! To order notarized translation services, you need to submit the original document to the Littera24 Translation Agency: personally, by post, or courier. 

To notarize documents without arriving at the office from anywhere in the world.

Many of our clients send their documents to our office for further translation and notarization. After completing the translation, we will confirm the translation with the client and certify it with a notary public.

We will send the finished order (notarized translation document in paper) by letter or by courier to the specified address.

Certified document translation services near you are close to you. It can be ordered in Littera24 certified translation agency. We serve our clients worldwide.

When ordering certified translation services and notarization of documents with us, you get important advantages:

1. Wide language arsenal. We translate texts into more than 80 languages ​​of the world, including not only the popular English or German but also the less common Vietnamese or Estonian.

2. Large selection of documents. We work with large projects, legal, medical, technical, and other texts. We translate small projects like a passport or birth certificate, and bank statements or corporate papers.

3. Package of services. We translate the sources into the target languages, notarize them or make an Apostille. We can also certify copies of documents that you have provided with the originals. In addition, you can send documents from anywhere in the world by courier, and we will notarize them.

Littera24 operates from Japan to New York.

Do you need high-quality certified document translation services or notarized translation services at an affordable price? Then immediately call the Littera24 Notary Translation Agency! ⭐ If you have any questions, please ask our manager ⭐

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