How to order translation services online

You can order translation services online and receive them via email.

If, for example, you are based in another country and it is not possible to come to our office, you can send us a document/text to be translated to our e-mail info@littera24.com. Our managers will contact you within 30 minutes about your order.

You will get all information by phone or email. Every customer can scan his documents with a mobile phone and send us the translation. Please note that in cases where you need a certified translation with a notary, the original document must be submitted or sent by post to our head office in Riga, where production is made.

Every customer can pay for the services by a wire transfer, bank transfer, PayPal, Paysend or come to our office.


How to get an Apostille?

How fast can you get an Apostille?

Our translation agency offers a service – apostille or legalization of documents. Translations with an apostille are prepared usually within 3-5 working days.

Question: Good afternoon! For example, if I’m going to Sweden and I need to translate my diploma of education and diploma of vocational education. Do I need an apostille?

Answer: The need for an apostille for educational documents depends on the requirements of the institution in which these documents are submitted. In our experience, in most cases, there is no need to approve apostille because Sweden is a part of the Hague Convention, while foreign documents submitted to the Swedish authorities do not need to be legalized with the apostille.

Legalization is required if the documents are intended for use in a country not on the list: 1961. Member States of the Hague Convention of 5 October 1951 on the Abolition of Legalization of Foreign Public Documents.


Computer-Assisted Translation Tools

Do we use Computer-Assisted Translation tools?

Yes, we use computer-assisted translated tools (CAT tools) such as SDL TRADOS that is often used in the translation process. For example, the speed of the translation process rises double when translating with SDL Trados of standardized document contracts.

It also helps to maintain the same translation terminology in one document or across different files or even projects within years. This software supports a variety of document formats like XML, PDF, .docx and others.  CAT tools make the translator’s work a bit easier.

Please note that it is not a translation tool like Google Translate. It is just a translator’s helper to make a translation faster and perfect.

Call us if you need a translation with SDL Trados or order it online.


Where to translate documents

To translate documents became more simple. Just to order it online. We translate for both legal entities and individuals. Our cooperation partners include various foreign companies as well as state institutions. We translate all documents and texts. If you need translations, please contact us.

Need an urgent translation?

If you need an urgent translation we can help you. 

An urgent translation, which can be obtained within one day. The translation requested by a client earlier than the scheduled time is considered urgent.

Example: Usually a 1-3 page translation is prepared within 3 days.

Please call us at +371 27150903 if you need an urgent translation.

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Translation price

Would you like to know more about how an agency calculates the translation price?

Price Factors

The translation price depends on many factors, such as:

  • language combination,
  • execution time,
  • translation or interpreting,
  • need for certification of documents.

Here are customer questions about translation prices and translation services.

1. How much will it cost to translate a marriage certificate with a notary?

The price of the translation depends on the language combination + notary certification – please specify at the office.

2. Can a notary certify a copy without submitting the original?

No, can’t. A notary shall certify the copy only by submitting the original document.

3. Can we translate a passport and what is the translation price?

Yes, we can translate a passport like any other document. The price depends on language combination.

4. Do you have translation services – English translation of educational documents, what will be the cost?

Yes, we translate educational documents into English. The price depends on the volume of the documents (and their annexes).

5. Is it possible to order and receive a translation online? A translation from Russian into English is required. Can I receive the original documents later (I live in Finland at the moment) or by mail.

Yes, translations can be ordered and later emailed electronically.

How to order a certified translation?

To order a certified translation, you must submit the original document to the Littera translation agency.

A certified translation is certified by a qualified translator, after which the notary certifies the signature of the translator.

The translator must have an appropriate previous education, the translator officially swears an intentional and / or incorrect translation in accordance with the Latvian Law.

Please give us a call.


How can I submit documents for translation?

Translation of documents can be submitted online to our e-mail or personally to our office. If you plan to submit documents online, please note, if a notarial certification is necessary, it is required to submit the original document to our office.

What we can translate?

We can translate different kinds of documents and texts – as certificates, education diplomas, contracts, and different user’s manuals, medical references, letters, audios, books, websites, etc.

If you need to translate any text, please contact us.

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A professional translation agency Littera24 is proving full translation services over European languages.


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