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Translation price

Would you like to know more about how an agency calculates the translation price?

Price Factors

The translation price depends on many factors, such as:

  • language combination,
  • execution time,
  • translation or interpreting,
  • need for certification of documents.

Here are customer questions about translation prices and translation services.

1. How much will it cost to translate a marriage certificate with a notary?

The price of the translation depends on the language combination + notary certification – please specify at the office.

2. Can a notary certify a copy without submitting the original?

No, can’t. A notary shall certify the copy only by submitting the original document.

3. Can we translate a passport and what is the translation price?

Yes, we can translate a passport like any other document. The price depends on language combination.

4. Do you have translation services – English translation of educational documents, what will be the cost?

Yes, we translate educational documents into English. The price depends on the volume of the documents (and their annexes).

5. Is it possible to order and receive a translation online? A translation from Russian into English is required. Can I receive the original documents later (I live in Finland at the moment) or by mail.

Yes, translations can be ordered and later emailed electronically.

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