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Oslo is the capital and largest city of Norway. Until 1624, according to the map of A. Ortelius in 1539, the capital of the Vikings was called Vichia, from 1624 to 1877 it was called Christiania, from 1877 to 1925 – Christiania. In the Middle Ages, the city consisted of two fortresses – a royal castle and an episcopal one. Within the city walls, there were 9 churches, one hospital, about 400 wooden houses of merchants and artisans. King Hakon V the Saint named Oslo the capital of Norway in 1299 and built the Akershus fortress here.

Oslo is located at the same latitude as the Russian city St. Petersburg. Since Oslo is located almost 20 degrees to the west, the city’s climate is close to the sea. Summers in Oslo are cool and winters are mild and snowy. In winter, there are rarely severe frosts, and in summer, the heat is not every year.


One of the most visited places is Akershus Castle and Fortress, which practically marked the beginning of the city. There are several museums related to the military history of Norway.

Along Oslo’s main street from Central Station, Karl Johan Street, are the city’s main attractions, including the Oslo Cathedral, the Norwegian Parliament building, the Norwegian National Theater and the Royal Palace with a palace park at its western end. Edvard Munch and Henrik Ibsen were regular patrons of the Grand Café, located in the Grand Hotel on Karl Johans Street.
Among the museums, art museums are especially popular, as well as museums that tell about the times of the Vikings.

Some of the museums in Oslo:

  • National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design
  • Norwegian Museum of Cultural History
  • Munch Museum
  • Kon-Tiki Museum etc.

Go-go, Oslo!

Winter sports are very developed in Norway. Norway has twice hosted the Winter Olympics. In 1952, the Olympics were held in Oslo, and in 1994 – in Lillehammer. The Norwegians won the most medals in cross-country skiing and speed skating. 


Oslo is Norway’s largest economic centre. As a port city, Oslo has about 980 maritime companies (a total of 8,500 jobs). Companies engaged in sea transportation, shipbrokers, insurance companies have settled here. Det Norske Veritas is one of the three leading classification societies. The Oslo Dock annually serves about 6,000 vessels with a cargo turnover of 6 million tons and over 5 million passengers.

Oslo is considered one of the most expensive cities in the world. In terms of the number of large companies based in the city, Oslo ranks 5th in Europe (2654 companies). A significant sector is occupied by oil and gas companies. Oslo is also one of the most visited tourist destinations in Norway.

The fish processing industry is almost as important to Norway as the extraction of oil and gas. In terms of electricity production per capita, Norway ranks first in the world.

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