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What kind of translations are?

What translations can be?

In this article we will explain why people need text translations or interpretation, and what kind of translations are. Translations always play a key role in the modern world; high-quality translations are needed in every successful business.

A business that deals with, for example, logistics, tourism without translation services simply would not exist.

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Do you know that translations are simple and complex?

Yes, translations are simple and complex, a translator must be able to not only translate the text, but also understand the content of the text.

Translators work in different conditions. The genres, translation areas and, of course, the languages of the texts translated by them are very diverse. We distinguish oral translation (interpreting) and written translation. The requirements for translators regarding the accuracy or completeness of the translation are also different.

That is why there are different types of translations, each has its own peculiarities. All these factors form the basis of scientific classification of types of text translation.

Today, we can single out two main classifications of translation activity types: genre and stylistic classification (depending on the nature of the texts to be translated) and psycholinguistic classification (depending on the nature of the translator’s actions during the translation process).

In addition, in the next article you will know about translation genres and stylistic classification and why you need to translate texts only from trusted and experienced translation service providers.


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