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Persian Language

Persian (/ˈpɜːrʒən, ʃən/), also known as Farsi. Persians are an Iranian ethnic group, which makes up a large part of the population of Iran. In the modern world, Persian people are born in Iran, Afghanistan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan.

Persian native speakers are about 70 million and 110 million speakers in total in the world.  The official language in Iran (as Persian), Afghanistan (as Dari), Tajikistan (as Tajik). 

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Professional Persian Translation Services - Why Us?

Littera24 translation agency offers quality Persian translation services. We would like to tell you about a few important points that will convince you that you need to order a professional Persian translation from our translation agency.

  1. Littera24 is a Persian language service provider since 2010, which is offering professional and high-quality Persian language translation services. 
  2. Littera24 can offer high-quality translation services into Persian at low prices.
  3. The translation agency provides document translation services from English into Persian, but also vice versa and in other language combinations as French, German, Italian, Chinese, and more than 80 world languages.
  4. Important! Littera24 translation agency selects a suitable and professional Persian translator based on the content of the source material and the final target language.
  5. When executing an order of Persian translation services, when Persian is the target language, the translation is performed by Persian translators and native speakers.
  6. All Persian translators are tested, have appropriate education, translation experience, and checked references.
  7. Professional Persian translators use modern translators’ tools and new technologies to preserve the same terminology throughout the translation project and provide a professional result.
  8. To exclude all kinds of errors and inaccuracies a professional Persian editor reads the translation after it is finished.

Persian (Farsi) Translators

Our Persian language specialists are experienced professionals. Persian translators are available at Littera24. We have more than 10 Persian translators and proofreaders.

In fact, we can help you with translation from Persian or Farsi into English! Moreover, the translation company also works with more than 80 languages. Ask our project manager about your language pair.

A Bit of History

Old Persian is attested in Royal Achaemenid Inscriptions. The most established realized content written in Old Persian is from the Behistun Inscription, dating from the period of King Darius I (522-486 BC). Old Persian is one of the oldest Indo-European languages which is attested in original texts.

The Persian Alphabet

Modern Iranian Persian and Afghan Persian are written using the Persian alphabet which is a modified variant of the Arabic alphabet, which uses different pronunciations and additional letters that are not found in the Arabic language.

There are a few letters commonly just used in Arabic loanwords. These letters are articulated equivalent to comparable Persian letters. For instance, there are four practically indistinguishable letters for/z/ (ز ذ ض ظ), three letters for/s/(س ص ث), two letters for/t/(ط ت), two letters for/h/(ح ه). Then again, there are four letters that don’t exist in Arabic پ چ ژ گ.

Persian Writing System

  • Persian Braille
  • Hebrew alphabet
  • Tajik alphabet (Tajikistan)
  • Persian alphabet (Iran and Afghanistan)

Most Commonly Used Persian (Farsi) Translations:

  • English to Persian
  • French to Persian
  • German to Persian
  • Spanish to Persian
  • Swedish to Persian
  • Czech to Persian
  • Slovak to Persian
  • Latvian to Persian
  • Russian to Persian
  • Urdu to Persian (Farsi)
  • Farsi to Urdu
  • Farsi to Turkish


You can view the costs of Persian translation services in Translation prices.

However, the final translation costs are calculated individually after evaluating the materials provided.

Persian Translation Confidentiality

We guarantee the complete confidentiality of your documents because we work with our translators and other suppliers under NDA agreements (non-disclosure). Clients are safe with us.

Price quote within 30 minutes 

If you do not want to receive a translation with errors, you should contact Persian translation specialists in their field. Now easier than ever – order your Persian translation online! 

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