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Document translation services – Tips How to Reduce Translation Costs

Document translation tips or how to translate better and cheaper?

Here are some tips on how to reduce translation costs or how to translate a text at the best price

We explain how much it costs to order a text translation, where to find document translation services and how to do it at the best price. We are looking for the best possible option! Our tips for finding a translation agency and translator for those who want to translate as cheaply as possible.

In our opinion, the best option for cheap text translation is Google Translate, but it will only be suitable for private purposes, for example, to understand the meaning of the text, we will discuss this in more detail at the end of the article. First of all, let’s find out how much professional translation costs and how the price of text translation is formed.


How much does it cost to translate a text?

First, let’s look at how much it costs to translate a text from English into Russian. Determining a specific translation price is difficult because the topics and types of text to be translated can be different.

You can read more about the types of translations in the article “What are the types of texts to be translated?”.

For example, there are translation agencies that deal with the translation of legal texts, just as there are agencies that deal with the translation of technical texts, so if you need to translate a legal text, you will definitely be able to do it cheaper in an agency that specializes in it, but to see it with the first time is almost impossible.

Each translation agency has its own price list, for example, translation from English into Russian will not be expensive, because this combination of languages is common, so there are enough translators. It is therefore advisable to inquire about translation prices at different translation agencies.

Translate a text with a discount

Sometimes it is possible to encounter discount promotions from translation agencies.

  • There are translation agencies where special promotions appear from time to time, within which it becomes especially advantageous to translate a text. Such campaigns usually take place in January.
  • There are a lot of budget options when you get special offers when you sign up for news.
  • Another way is if you are planning to translate texts constantly and are looking for a translation agency.

You can sign a cooperation agreement and receive a special price. This type of cooperation is more suitable for legal entities.

What is important when working with translation agencies and how to choose a translation service provider?

Here are some criteria for finding the best translation agencies:

  1. Online translation agency finder
  2. Flexibility
  3. Experience
  4. Test translation request

1. Order and pay for translations online

Why is a translation agency more expensive? The reason is the human factor – cunning and dishonest employees in companies encourage the client to buy more expensive translations in every possible way. They basically do not want to sell cheap translations for 10, 20 euros – they do not have enough money for such transactions, they need more gold!
Where to look for cheap online translation agencies? Recommendation: Google, Yandex and Littera24. All three options are reliable and easy to use. Choose the option that suits you best.


2. You are flexible in terms of deadlines and dates

Clients often have many restrictions on fixed translation deadlines. However, we recommend ordering a translation with a time reserve. However, try to order a translation with a time reserve. If the translator has to work at night, be prepared to pay extra for the speed. Timely translations will help you save money.

You can read more about how to order a translation online in this article: “How to order a translation online?”.

3. Pay attention to the experience

If you have already chosen a translation agency, it is worth finding out how many years this translation agency has been operating in the field. This is important because professionalism comes with experience.

For example, the translation agency Littera24 has more than 10 years of experience in translation and many satisfied clients. Littera24 is your online translator that has many professional native translators. All translators have relevant education or/ and professional translation experience in the translation field. 


4. Test translation request

If you need to translate large amounts of text, we recommend that you request a translation test from a translation agency. Please note that the volume should not exceed 1 page, which is usually no more than 250 words.

Now you know the tips on how to reduce translation costs and you will be able to independently, quickly and easily find a high-quality and profitable translation agency at the best price.

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