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Interpretation all over Latvia and the world | Consecutive translation | Simultaneous interpretation

1. Consecutive interpreting

Littera Translation Agency offers professional interpreting services at your office or online.

There are three basic types of interpreting:

consecutive translation

The translation of an oral speech by small, separate portions consisting of several sentences. This type of interpreting is perfect for business meetings, negotiations with foreign partners, organizing business presentations, exhibitions, seminars and different social events.

2. Simultaneous interpreting

The continuous translation of the oral speech. Without simultaneous interpreting large international conferences involving the discussion of a huge volume of information would be unthinkable. Our company will provide you with a professional interpreter.

3. Escort interpreting

oral translation

It includes an extremely wide range of interpreting services such as the provision of interpreter guides. The guide for foreign delegates and an interpreter’s participation in your private tours.

Why is simultaneous interpreting expensive?

Two important criteria affect the cost of simultaneous interpreting services:

  1. Number of participating interpreters
  2. Availability of professional equipment

The simultaneous interpreter experiences tremendous loads during simultaneous interpreting. In this regard, synchronists work in pairs and change each other approximately every 20 minutes. Such work is paid much higher than standard interpreting.

Relevance of interpreting services

Such a service is in demand during various events:

  • Corporate. Meetings with foreign investors, business partners, and important customers.
  • Educational. Training, seminars, continuing education courses abroad, international exchange of experience.
  • Advertising. Exhibitions, presentations, conferences, etc.

Interpreting languages:

  • Latvian,
  • Russian,
  • English,
  • German,
  • Chinese,
  • French,
  • Spanish,
  • Italian,
  • Polish,
  • Croatian,
  • Norwegian,
  • Swedish,
  • Lithuanian,
  • Danish,
  • Greek and others.

All other languages on request.

Why interpreting services should be ordered at Littera?

The arguments in favour of such solutions are obvious:

why we1. A large staff of translators. Over 200 specialists work in our agency. The team includes both certified translators and native speakers. This allows us to select the ideal specialist, taking into account the theme of your event and the characteristics of the audience.

2. A wide selection of languages. We carry out a consecutive translation into English, Chinese, Latvian, Spanish, Italian, German, French, Estonian and other languages. Collaboration of several translators is also possible if you need to convey information to different groups of listeners.

3. Adequate cost of interpreting service is close to the average market prices.

4. Our interpreters are mobile. We can go with you to another city or even on a trip abroad. To order interpreting from English or other languages, fill out the submitted online form, write us a message by e-mail or call Literra by phone number right now!

You can order by calling +371 27150903 or via email: info@littera24.com

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