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Most Popular Services

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Document Translation

Your documents deserve to be professional in other languages as your mother tongue. Here come our expert document translation services!



If you are planning an event and need an interpreter for a conference, meeting or interview. Interpreting services in many languages are provided.


Website Translation & Localization

We offer localization services in several languages. Website translation, game, software, mobile app translation and localization.


Certified Translation

Notarized translation with a certificate attached to the original or copy of the document.

апостиль документов


Legalization of documents with an Apostille for submission abroad.

медецинский перевод

Medical Translation

Medical and pharmaceutical documentation, scientific publications, manuals, etc.

We work with different industries

We have experienced translators who specialize in individual industries and language pairs. Quality guaranteed




Transport and logistics

Medicine and pharmacy



Information technology

Translation Agency Advantages

Extensive Language Choice

Littera24 translates from/into more than 80 languages. We work with the most popular languages such as English, French, or German, as well as with the less common languages: Thai, Lithuanian, Uzbek or Vietnamese.

Large Projects in a Short Time

Well-organized teamwork and applied advanced translation technologies enable us to translate up to 50 pages/day in one project!

Wide Range of Primary Sources

We translate corporate, financial and legal documents, scientific works, medical diagnoses, large projects and small documents such as passports, birth certificates, resumes, diplomas, driver's licenses, and marriage or divorce certificates.

Digital Translation Services

Professional localization team translates and localizes websites, games, and software. Translators can work with different types of files.

Urgency and Prices

Fast and responsible order fulfillment. It is also possible to order an urgent translation (24 h). Attractive prices and excellent quality.

Order Online

Littera24 translation agency is probably one the best translation companies. To apply for services, fill in the application online, write an e-mail or call the specified phone number right now! We are waiting.

About Us

Searching for a precise and reliable “translation agency near me”? Look no further! Our local translation service is dedicated to delivering accurate translations in your area. Whether you need document translations, certified translations, or specialized services, we are your trusted partner for personalized language solutions.

The translation agency has been operating for more than 13 years. We are proud of our experience and professionalism, as well as the careful selection of translators. We provide our clients with accurate, high-quality and timely translations.

We guarantee complete confidentiality of all submitted documents. We will translate everything you need.

Littera24 – your online translation agency. Translation services in the cities of New York, San Francisco, Sidney, Shanghai, Riga, Moscow, Oslo, Stockholm, London and elsewhere? Order and receive a translation without leaving home. It does not matter where you are!


Answers to frequently asked questions about translation services.

Yes, the translation agency Littera24 is a reliable online service provider for translations. Known for its professional translators and diverse expertise, we offer accurate and timely translations for various industries and document types.

Littera24 handles a wide range of content, including legal documents, technical manuals, websites, marketing materials, and more.

Turnaround times vary, but we offer different levels of service with corresponding timelines. It is essential to contact us and we specify deadlines to ensure timely delivery. Generally, a client can get a translation very fast (1-3 pages within 1-2 business days).

Littera24 ensures accuracy through a combination of professional, native-speaking translators, rigorous quality assurance processes, and often the use of advanced translation technology.

Yes, we have more than 2000 native translators, that specialize in legal document translations.

Yes, our translation agency offers certified translations for legal documents, ensuring that the translation is accurate and can be officially recognized by authorities.

Prices are determined by the type of translation services, language, text length, and complexity. Costs can be calculated by the number of words or signs, the hourly rate or the total amount of the project. In most cases, we state a price based on the number of words in the text.

Yes, technology plays a significant role in translation, our agency uses Trados, Translation Memory, and other tools to enhance the efficiency and consistency of translation, especially it is important if it is a large document or will be used for the public. 

Note: Translation technologies are not Google Translate. It just helps translators but does not translate instead of them. They are like ''hints'' when you type in Word.

Yes, the translation agency Littera24 is equipped to handle large-scale projects and ongoing translation needs, providing scalability and consistent quality.

Littera24 implemented strict confidentiality protocols, uses secure communication channels, and requires translators to sign non-disclosure agreements to protect client information.

Have other questions? Write and you will receive an answer within 24 hours.

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