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Slovene language

The Slovene language (slovenski jezik или slovenščina) is an Indo-European language from the Slavic language branch. Slovene and Slovenian are both correct and used for the language name. Slovene is spoken by more than 2,5 million people, the majority of whom live in Slovenia. It is the official language of Slovenia, as well as one of the working languages of the European Union. This language belongs to the Soth Slavic language branch and is related to Serbo-Croatian.

Document Translation from Slovene to English: When is It Needed?

This service is required for different source text translating:

  • Contracts and agreements;
  • Project estimates;
  • Scientific research works;
  • Passports and birth certificates;
  • Marriage and divorce certificates;
  • Marriage contracts;
  • Documents for receiving an inheritance;
  • Court documents.

The industries that most often use our Slovene translation services are automotive and mechanical engineering, construction, energy, finance and banking, medicine, information technology, jurisprudence, real estate, advertising and marketing.

Professional Slovene Translation Services - Why Us?

  1. Littera24 has been providing Slovene language services since 2010 and offers professional Slovene translation services. We work with document translation from English into Slovene and vice versa, as well as other language combinations, for example, French, German, Italian, Spanish.
  2. At our translation agency, you can translate a website or document from Slovene into English, Russian or any other language, and legalize it by a notarized certification or an Apostille. At the Littera24 translation agency, you can order translations into many rare languages.
  3. It’s important to know that we base on the content of the source material and the final target language when selecting a suitable and professional linguist. Professional Slovene translators use modern translation tools and new technologies to maintain the same terminology throughout the project and ensure a professional result.
  4. To avoid any Slovenian errors and inaccuracies, a professional editor reads the translation after it is completed.

Slovene Translators

Quality translation from Slovene into English is our daily job done by professional Slovene translators. We provide an accurate translation from Slovene into English for various fields of business such as finances, construction, law, medicine, human resources, IT, production, etc.

Our agency has more than 10 Slovene translators and interpreters, and because of that, Slovene translators are always available at the Littera24 translation agency. If necessary, you can always get a Slovene translation within 24 hours. Littera24 Slovene linguists are experienced professionals who are ready to fulfil any translation order.

The best Slovene (Slovenian) translators will translate your document from Slovene or into it. Our managers will provide you full client support and advise you how to order a translation, pay for it and other necessary information.

A Bit From the History

The found text fragments showed that the Slovene language began to form around the 10th century. Until the 16th century, the first 50 Slovene books were already written, among which was the first grammar book and a translation of the Bible.

From the Middle Ages until the collapse of the Austro-Hungarian Empire in 1918, the class spoke German, while ordinary people spoke Slovenian. At that time, German had a strong influence on the Slovene language. Many Germanisms are still present in modern colloquial Slovene.

After World War II, Slovenia became part of Yugoslavia, and Slovene became one of the official state languages. It was used in almost all branches of social life, except for the Yugoslavian army, where only Serbo-Croatian was spoken. In 1991, when Slovenia gained independence, Slovenian became the official state language being used in all industries.

Slovene (Slovenian) Alphabet

The alphabet used in written Slovene consists of 25 letters and is based on the Latin alphabet with three additional letters: Č, Š, Ž.

Examples of Writing in Slovenian:

  • I – Jaz
  • Thank you – Hvala
  • Till tomorrow – Se vidimo jutri
  • How are you? – Kako si?
  • No – Ne
  • Yes – Da
  • I don’t speak Slovenian. – Ne govorim slovensko

Slovene Translation Areas

Slovene Legal Translations

Slovene Medical Translations

Technical translations into Slovene

Slovene SEO Translation

Slovene Document Translation

Text editing and proofreading into Slovene

Slovene Translation Costs

You can look at the costs for Slovenian translation services in Translation prices. However, the final translation prices are calculated individually after evaluating the materials provided.

The Most Frequently Used Slovene Translations:

  • English – Slovene
  • Norwegian – Slovene
  • Swedish – Slovene
  • German – Slovene
  • French – Slovene
  • Czech – Slovene
  • Lithuanian – Slovene
  • French – Slovene
  • Russian– Slovene
  • Danish – Slovene
  • Estonian – Slovene
  • Finnish – Slovene
  • Arabic – Slovene

Translation Confidentiality

We guarantee full confidentiality of your documents because we work under NDA agreements (non-disclosure) with our translators and other suppliers. Clients are safe with us. 

Free Price Quote Within 30 Minutes

It is simply to translate to Slovene. You can easily order any translation from Slovene into English and vice versa online or by phone! Ask our manager for your language pair.

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