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Dutch Language

The language of the Dutch and Flemings belongs to the group of Germanic languages (a subgroup of West Germanic languages) of the Indo-European language family. The Dutch language is not only common in the Netherlands but also in its colonies.  The knowledge of the Dutch language opens the door to a country with advanced agriculture in the 21st-century sense. The Netherlands is a European centre for the arts and also a location with an uncertain future as the country is below sea level, so it is particularly active in responding to any climate change.

Tailored Solutions for Diverse Industries

When expanding your business into Dutch-speaking markets, it is crucial to utilize high-quality translation services to ensure effective communication with your target audience. With our professional Dutch translation services, you can ensure that your message is accurately conveyed and effectively reaches your Dutch-speaking customers. In this article, we will delve into the importance of quality translations and how our services can assist you.

We understand that each industry has its own unique terminology and requirements. That’s why our Dutch translation services are tailored to meet the specific needs of various sectors, including legal, medical, marketing, e-commerce, and more. Whether you need legal documents translated, medical reports localized, or marketing materials adapted, our expert translators have the knowledge and expertise to deliver accurate and industry-specific translations.

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Official Dutch Translation of Documents - When is it Needed?

Littera24 Dutch document translation services are required to process various sources: 

  • contracts and agreements
  • project estimate documents
  • scientific research works
  • passports and birth certificates
  • marriage and divorce certificates
  • marriage contracts
  • documents for receiving an inheritance
  • court documents

Quality Assurance for Flawless Dutch Translations

To guarantee the highest level of quality, we employ a rigorous quality assurance process. Each translation goes through multiple rounds of editing, proofreading, and review by our experienced linguists to ensure accuracy, consistency, and adherence to your requirements. We are committed to delivering flawless translations that effectively communicate your message to the Dutch-speaking audience.


Professional Dutch Translation Services - Why Us?

We would like to share some important information about why to order Dutch translation services from our translation agency.

  1. Littera24 is a Dutch language service provider since 2010, which is offering professional and high-quality Dutch language translation services. 
  2. Littera24 can offer high-quality translation services into Dutch at low prices.
  3. The Dutch translation agency provides document translation services from English into Dutch but also vice versa and in other language combinations such as French, German, Italian, Russian and over 80 world languages.
  4. Important! Littera24 translation agency selects a suitable and professional Dutch translator based on the content of the source material and the final target language.
  5. When executing an order of Dutch translation services, when Dutch is the target language, the translation is performed by Dutch translators and native speakers.
  6. All Dutch translators are tested, have appropriate education, experience, and checked references.
  7. Professional Dutch translators use modern translators’ tools and new technologies to preserve the same terminology throughout the translation project and provide a professional result.
  8. To exclude all kinds of errors and inaccuracies a professional Dutch editor reads the translation after it is finished.

The Importance of Accurate Translations

Accurate translations are vital when it comes to establishing trust and building strong relationships with your Dutch-speaking audience. A poorly translated message can lead to confusion, and misunderstandings, and even damage your brand’s reputation. By investing in professional Dutch translation services, you can avoid these pitfalls and convey your message clearly and effectively.

Dutch Translators

Native Dutch translators are available at the Littera24 translation agency. We work with more than 20 Dutch translators and proofreaders. Our Dutch translators are qualified professionals able to build the necessary bridges between centrally located European countries like the Netherlands and Northern Europe.

Littera24 Dutch translation agency always works for people. Quality Dutch translation services are customer-oriented. Moreover, we can help you with a Dutch-to-English translation or English-to-Dutch! We work with more than 80 other languages as well. The best Dutch translators will be selected for your translation order. Ask our manager for your language pair.

Dutch Translation Areas

When it comes to expanding your business into Dutch-speaking markets, investing in professional Dutch translation services is essential for seamless communication. By working with our team of native-speaking translators, you can ensure accurate and culturally relevant translations that resonate with your Dutch-speaking customers. With tailored solutions for diverse industries and a strong focus on quality assurance, our translation services provide the linguistic expertise needed to effectively convey your message and achieve success in the Dutch market.

We help our clients to translate documents issued by Dutch institutions, legal contracts, technical manuals, medical manuals and technical descriptions of advanced agri-technology projects, adapting the ergonomic design and architectural solutions to local market demands. We have also been working on urban projects involving moto/cycling/scooters.

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Interesting Facts about the Dutch Language

The Dutch language, also known as Nederlands, is spoken by approximately 23 million people worldwide. Here are some fascinating facts about the Dutch language:

  1. Dutch is an official language in multiple countries: Dutch is the official language of the Netherlands, Belgium, Suriname, and the Dutch Caribbean islands (Aruba, Curaçao, and Sint Maarten). It is also recognized as a regional or minority language in some parts of Germany and France.

  2. Dutch is closely related to other Germanic languages: Dutch belongs to the West Germanic branch of the Germanic language family. It shares similarities with languages such as German and English, particularly in terms of vocabulary and grammar.

  3. Dutch has dialectal variations: Like many languages, Dutch has regional dialects. These dialects can vary significantly in pronunciation, vocabulary, and grammar across different regions in the Netherlands and Belgium. Some dialects are so distinct that they may be difficult for speakers of standard Dutch to understand.

  4. Dutch vocabulary has influenced English: Due to historical connections and trade relations between the Dutch and English-speaking countries, the Dutch language has had an impact on English vocabulary. Words such as “cookie” (koekje), “landscape” (landschap), and “yacht” (jacht) are examples of Dutch loanwords in English.

  5. Dutch is known for its compound words: Dutch is famous for its extensive use of compound words. Rather than using separate words, Dutch combines multiple words to create new compound words. For example, the word “trein” (train) and “station” (station) combine to form “treinstation” (train station).

  6. Dutch has grammatical gender: Like other Germanic languages, Dutch has grammatical gender. Nouns are classified as either masculine, feminine, or neuter, and this gender classification affects the article and adjective forms used with the noun.

  7. Dutch pronunciation can vary: Dutch pronunciation can be challenging for non-native speakers due to its unique sounds. The guttural “g” and the rolling “r” are distinctive features of Dutch pronunciation. Additionally, the Dutch language has a variety of diphthongs and vowel sounds that may differ from other languages.

Understanding these facts about the Dutch language can provide insights into its cultural significance and help ensure accurate and culturally appropriate translations when communicating with Dutch-speaking audiences.

Dutch Language Services with 100% Quality

Dutch Translation Costs

You can look at the costs for accurate Dutch translation services in Translation prices. However, the order price is calculated individually based on your language, amount and other parameters.

Most Frequently Used Dutch Translations

  • English – Dutch
  • Turkish – Dutch
  • Swedish – Dutch
  • German – Dutch
  • French – Dutch
  • Czech – Dutch
  • Latvian – Dutch
  • Finnish – Dutch
  • Russian– Dutch
  • Danish – Dutch
  • Estonian – Dutch
  • Spanish – Dutch

Translation Confidentiality

We guarantee full confidentiality of your documents because we work under NDA agreements (non-disclosure) with our translators and other suppliers. Clients are safe with us.

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