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The Georgian language (Kartuli) is one of the Kartvelian languages. It’s the native language of the residents of Georgia. In Georgia, it is spoken by 3.7 million people; in Russia – by 130 thousand people; in Turkey – by 100 thousand people; in Ukraine – 23 thousand people; in Iran – 10 thousand people; in Azerbaijan – 14,2 thousand people.

The capital of Georgian is Tbilisi. The ISO language code – GE. Littera24 is your online Georgian translation agency in Tbilisi and worldwide. With the Georgian translation agency Littera24, you can start your Georgian translation project today.

Official Georgian Translation - When is it Needed?

This service is required to translate Georgian documents and texts, for example:

  • Websites
  • Technical manuals
  • Patents
  • Medical scientific works
  • Scientific translations
  • Passports and birth certificates
  • Marriage and divorce certificates, marriage contracts
  • Documents for receiving an inheritance
  • Court documents
  • Design estimates
  • Research works, etc.

Professional Georgian Translation to English -Why us?

  1. Littera24 translation agency has been providing quality Georgian translation services since 2010. We can provide document translations from Georgian into English and vice versa, as well as other language combinations, such as Russian, French, German, Italian, and Spanish.
  2. In our office, you can translate a website or document from Georgian into English, Russian or any other language, and legalize it by ordering a certified certification or an Apostille. In the Littera24 translation agency, you can order translations into more than 80 languages.
  3. Important! We base on the content of the source material and the final target language when we select a suitable and professional linguist.
  4. Professional Georgian translators use modern translation tools and new technologies to maintain the same terminology throughout the project and ensure a professional result.
  5. To avoid any errors and inaccuracies, a professional Georgian editor reads the translation after it’s completed.

Georgian Alphabet

The Georgian script is a unique phonographic script used to record the Georgian language ​​as well as some minor languages ​​(Mingrelian, Laz, Svan). It was created around AD 14 by Georgian Mithraism priests. Both Aramaic and Phoenician scripts are considered to be the prototype of this script. The king Pharnavaz of Iberia in AD 284 made a reform to create the first form of Georgian script called Asomtavruli (meaning “capital letters”).

The Georgian alphabet has 33 letters, 5 vowels and 28 consonants. It is believed that the Georgian language dates to the 3rd century BC, while other scholars claim that the Georgian written language did not emerge until after the introduction of Christianity in the year 337.

Georgian Language Specialities

The Georgian alphabet is very simple. There are no readable letters and diphthongs. There are only a few things to keep in mind.

  • The alphabet has two “t” letters. The first is closer to the English “t” and the second is closer to the Russian “t”.
  • The sound “k” has three letters. It’s probably the most complicated letter in the whole alphabet, but you shouldn’t think about it at first.
  • The letter “ghani” is like the usual Ukrainian “g”. That is why the city name Sighnaghi is sometimes spelt as “Signagi” in Russian.
  • The letter “dzili” sometimes sounds similar to the letter “mani” (მ).
  • There is no masculine and feminine gender in the Georgian language, the gender is determined by context.
  • There are no uppercase letters in Georgian.
  • According to the rules, each letter has a certain position in relation to the line. It means that the part of it is above or below the line. This is clearly seen in this text: ქვემო ყარაბულახი. Unfortunately, in markings, letters often have the same size and are very difficult to read.

Examples of Writings:

  • თბილისი– Tbilisi
  • ბათუმი– Batumi
  • ქუთაისი– Kutaisi
  • ქობულეთი– Kobuleti
  • ჯვარი– Jvari
  • ბორჯომი– Borjomi


The Most Frequently Used Georgian Translation services:

  • English – Georgian
  • Spanish – Georgian
  • Norwegian – Georgian
  • Swedish – Georgian
  • German – Georgian
  • French – Georgian
  • Czech – Georgian
  • Lithuanian – Georgian
  • Russian – Georgian
  • Danish – Georgian
  • Estonian – Georgian
  • Finnish – Georgian

Georgian Translation Prices

You can see the costs for main document translation services on the Prices page. However, the final translation price will be calculated after the material evaluation.

Translation Confidentiality

We guarantee the confidentiality of your documents as we work with our Georgian translators and other suppliers under NDA (non-disclosure and confidentiality) agreements.

Customers can be safe working with us. We do the full translation work in different business industries.

Price Calculation within 30 Minutes

The best quality of Georgian to English translation or 80+ languages is guaranteed.  Ask our project manager about your language pair. You can send a file to get a price calculation for an accurate translation. Fill in the application form online or call the Littera24 office immediately!

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