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Greek Language

It belongs to the Indo-European family and is the official language of Greece and Cyprus (also in the Turkish part), as well as a minority language in Albania, Italy, Armenia, Hungary, and other countries. It is the only language on the Hellenic branch.
Greek is the only Indo-European language having an exceptionally old and well documented written language over the span of 34 centuries.

Official Greek Document Translation - When is it Needed?

Usually, the services are needed to translate the following documents:

  • contracts and agreements
  • project estimate documents
  • scientific research works
  • passports and birth certificates
  • marriage and divorce certificates
  • marriage contracts
  • records for receiving an inheritance
  • court documents
  • bills, passports, medical records

Professional Greek Translation Services

  1. Littera24 is a Greek language service provider since 2010, which is offering professional and high-quality Greek language translation services. 

  2. Littera24 can offer high-quality translation services into Greek at low prices.

  3. Littera24 translation agency provides document translation services from English into Greek, but also vice versa, and in other language combinations such as French, German, Italian, Russian and more than 80 world languages.

  4. Important! Littera24 translation agency selects a suitable and professional Greek translator based on the content of the source material and the final target language.

  5. When executing an order of Greek translation services, when Greek is the target language, the translation is performed by Greek translators and native speakers.

  6. All Greek translators are tested, have appropriate education, experience, and checked references.

  7. Professional Greek translators use modern translators’ tools and new technologies to preserve the same terminology throughout the translation project and provide a professional result.

  8. To exclude all kinds of errors and inaccuracies a professional Greek editor reads the translation after it is finished.

100% Quality Translation Services

We specialize in various business areas. Our frequently requested translation services:

  • certified translation Greek to English
  • Greek translation to English
  • Greek translation to English
  • official translation Greek to English
  • document translation from English to Greek
  • English to Greek translation services
  • notarized translation Greek to English
  • localization of software into Greek
  • localization of games into Greek
  • localization of sites into Greek
  • medical translation into/from Greek
  • translation of science into/from Greek
  • literature translation into/from Greek
  • translation of poetry into/from Greek
  • translation of books into/from Greek
  • legal translation into / from Greek
  • editing into / from Greek

Greek Translators

Greek translators are available at Littera24 translation agency. We work with more than 15 Greek translators and proofreaders.

We can help you with a Greek to English translation! We work with more than 80 other languages as well. Ask our manager for your language pair.

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Greek History

The development phases of the language are Ancient Greek which is subdivided into the Mycenean period (the Linear B script from the 14th-13th century BC) and Classical Greek (the time when the alphabet was adopted from 8th-14th century BC), Hellenic and Roman phase (4th century BC – 4th century AD), Byzantine phase (5th-15th century), and the modern phase.


After Alexander the Great conquered the territory of Greece, the language changed. Vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation changed and some of the changes have been preserved until modern days.


Alexander the Great carried Greek deep into the Middle East where it became the standard commerce and government language and co-existed with local languages. The locals of the regions adopted Greek as their second language which later became Koiné Greek.

The Greek Alphabet

A 24-letter alphabet is used to write in Greek since the 8th century AD. It is based on the Phoenician alphabet, but unlike the Phoenician alphabet not only consonants but also vowels are used in the Greek alphabet. The letters of the Greek alphabet are also used to denote numbers.


Nowadays, the letters of the Greek alphabet are widely used to denote various physical sizes in science. From the Greek alphabet the Latin alphabet, Cyrillic, Coptic and other alphabets are formed.

  •  The Greek alphabet consists of 24 letters, 18 consonants and 7 vowels: α, ε, η, ι, ο, υ, ω.
  •  The letter γ is pronounced softly, with aspiration, and the sound is produced in a translucent throat such as South Russian, Ukrainian or Belorussian.
  • The Letter δ. When pronouncing it, the tongue should be placed behind the upper teeth but without touching them. In this position, try to pronounce d. The resulting sound will be δ [d].
  •  If we try to pronounce t in the same position of the speech organs, we get θ [t].
  • The sound δ [d] is similar to the English letter combination th, for example, the words “the”, “this” and the sound θ [t], just like the words think, thanks.
  • The letters ξ and ψ denote double consonants, pronounced [kc] and [ps] respectively.
  • The letter σ is written at the beginning and middle of the words and the letter ς is written only at the end of the words.

Modern Greek

The Greek language of modern days evolved from Koiné Greek and it is believed it started forming in 1453 when the Byzantine Empire collapsed, and Turks conquered Constantinople.

How Many People Speak Greek?

13 million Greek-speaking people worldwide.

греческий алфавит

Greek Translation Costs

You can look at the precise costs for Greek translation services in Translation prices or contact our managers.

Most Frequently Used Greek Translations

  • English – Greek
  • Spanish – Greek
  • Swedish – Greek
  • German – Greek
  • French – Greek
  • Czech – Greek
  • Latvian Greek
  • Finnish – Greek
  • Russian Greek
  • Danish – Greek
  • Finnish – Greek

Translation Confidentiality

We guarantee full confidentiality of your documents because we work under NDA agreements (non-disclosure) with our translators and other suppliers. Clients are safe with us.

Price calculation within 30 minutes

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