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Kazakh Translation Services

Kazakh Translations

Kazakh translationKazakh is one of the Turkic languages. The official language of the Republic of Kazakhstan. It developed in the 14th-17th centuries as a language of the related Turkish and Mongol tribes.

Littera Translation Agency offers quality Kazakh translation services.

How Many People Speak Kazakh

Almost 10 million people around the world speak in it, mainly in Kazakhstan and Mongolia.

Kazakh Alphabet

Initially, the Arabic script was used to write Kazakh, later it was replaced by Cyrillic, but now a transfer to the Latin alphabet is gradually implemented.

Kazakh translation services

Professional Kazakh Translation Services

Littera Kazakh language service provider has been providing professional Kazakh translation services for more than 10 years. It should be understood that not only the translation of documents from Latvian into Kazakh is relevant , but also vice versa and in other language combinations, like, English, French, German, Italian, Spanish. In our office you can not only translate a website or document from Kazakh to English or Kazakh to Russian or any other language, but also legalize it by ordering a notary certification or simply an Apostille. You can order translations in many languages from Littera Translation Agency.

Important! Based on the content of the source material and the final target language, we select a suitable and professional linguist. In addition, the appropriate linguist is selected according to the content of the source material and the target language required in the final document. To avoid any errors and inaccuracies, the text is read by a professional editor after the translation is finished.

Kazakh Translators

Kazakh translators are available at Littera. We have about 15 Kazakh translators and proofreaders.

We can help you with translation from Kazakh to English! We also work with more than 80 other languages. Ask our project manager about your language pair.

Official translation of documents into Kazakh: When is it needed?

This service is required to process various source text:

  • contracts and agreements;
  • project estimate documents;
  • scientific research works,
  • passports and birth certificates;
  • marriage and divorce certificates,
  • marriage contracts;
  • documents for receiving inheritance;
  • court documents;
  • etc.


You can view the costs of Kazakh translation services in Section ”Translation prices”.

Our Most Frequently Used Kazakh Translations:

  • Russian– Kazakh
  • English – Kazakh
  • Dutch – Kazakh
  • Swedish – Kazakh
  • German – Kazakh
  • French – Kazakh
  • Czech – Kazakh
  • Latvian – Kazakh
  • Finnish – Kazakh
  • Danish – Kazakh
  • Estonian – Kazakh
  • Spanish – Kazakh

All translation services:

  • certified translation Kazakh – Latvian
  • translation from Kazakh to Latvian
  • translation from Kazakh to English
  • official translation from Kazakh to Russian
  • certified Kazakh – English translator
  • translation of documents from Kazakh into Latvian
  • translation services from Kazakh to Latvian
  • notarized translation from Kazakh into English
  • software localization in Kazakh
  • game localization in Kazakh language
  • localization of sites in Kazakh language
  • editing   to / from Kazakh language
  • medical translation to / from Kazakh language
  • translation of scientific texts into / from Kazakh
  • translation of literature to / from Kazakh language
  • translation of poetry into Kazakh / from Kazakh
  • translation of books into / from Kazakh
  • legal translation to / from Kazakh language
  • etc.

Translation Confidentiality

We guarantee the complete confidentiality of your documents because we work with our translators and other suppliers under NDA agreements (non-disclosure). Clients are safe with us.

Price quote within 30 minutes

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