Tips How to Scan Documents on your Phone and Translate from an Image

Often people need to translate a document. In 90% of cases, individuals do not have a scanner and need to submit these documents, for example, to a public authority or for a translation agency. Fast online document translation and document scanning with your phone are possible! We provide tips on how to scan documents from an image and translate it from home.

Translation work with images and PDF

For example, the costs for an English into Russian translation and other languages, largely depend on the qualification of the linguist and the volume of documents. These are the defining parameters, as well as the subject matter. Today, the Internet is very developed, which could not but affect translation services. People can order translation works without even leaving their home. It’s as easy as scanning a document on your phone.

Document translations usually look like this: 

  • The client takes a photo or scans a document on his phone.
  • The client sends the file in any format (.doc, .jpg, .jpeg or .pdf).
  • The agency processes source files and sends the price calculation in a reply letter.
  • The customer receives finished files (in just a few hours).

But what if you have a task to translate from an image?

In this situation, there are two options: you can rewrite it manually or use the service of translating a document from a scanned image. In each case, the time and money costs are different. Scan converting is all possible.

Translate from an image: How much does it and can it be done for free?

Before the document translation from the image, many people make attempts to find some alternatives. There are many software on the Internet that automatically process and converts documents in different formats. Online tools like these recognize letters and symbols from photographs and pictures. Translates converted documents, but the final translation result is still rather poor. Such services are suitable exclusively for amateurs.

For personal use, you can use Google Translate, if you need to translate for free and to understand the meaning of the text, but not for professional use.

With slight blurring or other flaws, the translation becomes difficult to read. Without human involvement, document translation from a photo is unlikely to be done efficiently. Therefore, there is still no alternative to contacting a translation agency. 

Translation agency’s prices: How do they count it?

If a high-quality scan is provided, converted to a PDF document with clear lettering and layout, the cost is approximately determined by the count of characters. To accurately calculate words in a document prepared for processing, you can send the file to an e-mail box or use an online calculator on the translation agency website. Just copy the text and after clicking the button you will receive an approximate cost of translation services if it is offered.

Online counting doesn’t always work. This is because customers sometimes provide images of handwritten text. In many cases, you can send your source document to translation agency managers and they will calculate a precise price. 

Sometimes given copies may be illegible, it will be difficult to recreate the exact document content. The translation price for a handwritten text will increase accordingly. This should be understood by those providing such services. Before translating documents from English into Russian, the linguist will have to decipher the handwriting and clarify separate phrases with the client. This will take additional time anyway.

Translate a document online - is it safe?

While there are many solutions for translating a scanned image, data security is worth considering. You should be aware that when using online tools, the data is stored in external databases. In the event of a system error or hacking, there is a high risk of information leakage.

Before translating the text from the photo, reputable translation agencies discuss the details of the order. Most agencies that value their reputation sign additional NDA agreements with clients. Thanks to this, customers can be sure that confidential information does not fall into the wrong hands. This is also important when processing legal papers.

Document translation from a photo online: How to convert, send and translate?

There are many programs that can recognize text from images and convert them to editable files. But the accuracy of such texts will be very low. As well as literacy of automated translations will be incredibly poor without human translators.

Littera24 online translation agency offers professional translation services, we are ready to translate any file, process and edit any document format. The accuracy and execution deadline of the translation order will always be respected.

Therefore, many people consider contacting the professionals at Littera24 the best option. And it is right. You hardly need to look for a cheap replacement for a professional linguist. It can end up in frustration and wasted time. 

How do I scan documents on my phone?

We are ready to offer you fast and high-quality language translation services, both written and oral.

You can order written translations without leaving your home or office, and scan the document on your phone.

• Instructions - how to scan documents on the iPhone.

It’s simple on every iPhone there is a standard Notes program, select the Scan documents function, point your phone at the document and take a photo of it. The program itself will process the photo into a scanned document. Remember to save your document.


• Instructions - how to scan documents on Huawei.

On a Huawei phone or other Android phone. Go to the standard Notes program, select the Gallery function, and then choose to Scan a document, point your phone at the document and take a photo of it.

The program itself will process the photo into a scanned document. Remember to save your document. If you need our translation assistance then send us a scanned document and get a quote in 30 minutes from the comfort of your home or office.