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The Ukrainian language: facts

The language (украї́нська мо́ваukrayins’ka mova) is spoken by around 40 million people in Ukraine, as well as in Ukrainian communities in Russia, Moldavia, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Lithuania. It is a Slavic language that is related to Russian and Belarusian.

The capital of Ukraine is Kyiv and the official language is Ukrainian. But, aside from Ukrainian, Russian is also widely used in Ukraine.

Most side of religious people in Ukraine are Orthodox, but there are also Catholics, Greek Catholics, as well as Judaists and Islamites.

Ukraine has been a member of the USSR since December 1922 and gained its independence on August 24, 1991. ISO code of Ukrainian is UA.

Official Ukrainian Document Translation: When Is It Needed?

In fact, document translation services into Ukrainian are highly demanded. In our translation agency, you can translate a website or document from Ukrainian into English or from Ukrainian into Russian, or any other language, but also legalize it by a notarized certification or an Apostille. In addition, the Littera24 translation company will help you with professional translation in over 80 languages!

Littera24 offers only quality Ukrainian translation, DPD (layout formating) services and other language services. For instance, you can also translate any document format with us: .doc, .pdf, .jpg, and others. 

Basically, this translation service is necessary for work with such documents and texts as:

  • websites;
  • technical instructions;
  • patents;
  • medical scientific works;
  • fiction translation;
  • scientific translations;
  • passports and birth certificates, diplomas, references;
  • marriage and divorce certificates, marriage contracts;
  • documents for receiving an inheritance;
  • court documents;
  • project estimates;
  • research works;
  • book translation, etc.

Competent Ukrainian translators

English-Ukrainian translators from the Littera24 translation agency are professional linguists. We work only with experienced Ukrainian translators that have work experience with Ukrainian translations for at least 3 years.

All Ukrainian translators are tested in accordance with the testing and evaluation system of Littera24, they have corresponding education, experience and checked reviews. The Ukrainian translators are native speakers. They are mostly based in Ukraine. Moreover, we have more than 25 Ukrainian translators, interpreters and editors. We guarantee that the best Ukrainian translators will be selected for your translation order.

All translation services provided

  • certified translation Ukrainian – English
  • translation from Ukrainian into Russian
  • translation from Ukrainian into English
  • official translation from Ukrainian into Russian
  • certified Ukrainian to English translators
  • translation of documents from Ukrainian into English
  • translation services from Ukrainian to English
  • notarized translation from Ukrainian to English
  • software localization in Ukrainian

Ukrainian alphabet

It is a modification of the Cyrillic alphabet. It has 33 letters which stand for 38 phonemes (sounds). There are 21 consonants. In comparison to Russian, there are no such letters as Ёё, ъ, ы, Ээ, but Ґґ, Єє, Іі and Її are used.

Examples of writing in Ukrainian:

  • I – I (read as «i»)
  • Thank you – Дякуємо
  • Till tomorrow – До завтра
  • How are you? –   Як ви?
  • No – Ні (read as «Ni»)
  • Yes – Так (read as «Tak»)
  • I don’t speak Ukrainian. – Я не розмовляю українською мовою

A bit from history

In the 6th century, the tribe of Slavs immigrated from the territory of ancient Poland and settled down in the Balkan region. Till the 10th century, there were three groups of Slavic languages: South Slavic, West Slavic, and East Slavic. Ukrainian, Russian, and Belarusian started to develop from the East Slavic language, and till the 12th-13th centuries, there were no specific differences between these three languages.

There are many opinions why these three languages were separated from each other. Some people think that it occurred naturally, in the course of time, and this process was not influenced by any external forces. Others believe that the ancient East Slavic language never existed, and Ukrainian, Russian, and Belarusian developed independently starting with the 6th-9th century.

But in the 17th century, the country got under the influence of the Russian language. The upper class acquired Russian or Polish, and the school system switched to Russian or Polish till the 19th century.

Ukraine gained its independence only in 1991, and Ukrainian became an official state language. This contributed to the introduction of Ukrainian into the school system, administration, and mass media.

The most frequently used Ukrainian translation services:

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